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You can no longer do this on Whatsapp

WhatsApp web is a popular tool for many but the platform’s focus on improving privacy means that the well-known feature will not able available to those using the WhatsApp desktop app.

As per the details shared by WABetainfo, WhatsApp on the desktop will

not support view-once messages, that disappear after you open the content. WhatsApp is currently testing the change with beta users, but we expect the platform to introduce it to other users in the near future.

View-one message is a handy tool for those wanting to share an image or a video that can be viewed only once and disappears after that. However, WhatsApp realises that people cannot be stopped from taking screenshots or screen recording such content, which makes it a privacy concern.

And since you cannot block a person from taking screenshots on the desktop, WhatsApp removes the feature support for PC users altogether. The messaging app has mentioned that WhatsApp on Windows and macOS lose support to see the view-one messages. The report says in addition to removing the feature in beta, WhatsApp has already removed the ability to send or view these messages on the desktop from November 1.

Taking down support for view-once messages on WhatsApp desktop is the right move or else people can easily bypass the limitations of the app and capture the visual on their PCs. In other WhatsApp news this week, the platform is now testing the possibility of a user messaging themselves.

The details of this update come via WABetainfo, who claim that the beta Android version is getting an unreleased feature called Message yourself. WhatsApp users will see their name (as Me) on the chat list, from where you can message other contacts.

It is understandable that people are wondering why WhatsApp would want users to message themselves, but the whole point of this feature is allowing people to bookmark websites, and take notes on the messaging app itself. Most of you rely on messaging friends for such notes right now, asking them to ignore the content shared in their chat box.



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