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You can Convert Your Old Driving Licence To Smart License - Check Here

The advanced version of the traditional driving license is now Smart DL (Driving Licence), which is equipped with a microchip, which contains all the information related to that person electronically. Apart from this, in Smart Driving License , the biometric data of the license holder, such as fingerprints,
blood group, scan of their retina etc. is computerized and made available in Smart Driving License.

Smart Driving License is Handy, Durable and Carry which means it is easy to carry with you, which can be damaged in some way with the driving license. Or also protects against the risk of damage.

How to Apply for a Smart Card Driving License Online:

It is likely that when you apply for a DL via the online mode, you shall receive it in a smart card format. Here’s how you can get your new smart card driving license via the online process. Note that this process is for a new license and not for converting an old DL into a new SCDL.

Step 1 – Visit the Government of India’s Ministry of Road Transport and Highways’ Parivahan Sewa website.

Step 2 – From the ‘Online Services’ drop-down menu, select ‘Driving License Related Services’.

Step 3 – Select your state and then the RTO.

Step 4 – Select ‘New Driving License’ from the ‘Apply Online’ drop-down menu, assuming you have a Learner’s License. Otherwise, you will have to obtain that first.

Step 5 – Follow the process by filling personal details, uploading documents, uploading photo and signature if required, booking a DL Test slot if applicable, and pay the fees. Note that biometric information will be collected as per the process.

Step 6 – Visit the RTO for the test as per the schedule.

Step 7 – You shall receive your SCDL via post after passing the test successfully.

How to Apply for a Smart Card Driving License Offline:

Here’s how you can get your new smart card driving license via the offline process.

Step 1 – Visit your nearest RTO and request for an SCDL application form. Also, collect the forms related to declaring physical fitness and medical certificate.

Step 2 – Fill the forms with required details, attach relevant documents, and submit your application request to the RTO.

Step 3 – You will be required to pay the necessary fee based on the type of vehicle for which you need the DL. Make the payment and collect a receipt for the same.

Step 4 – Select a time slot for your driving test based on the availability.

Step 5 – Appear for the test as per the chosen slot.

Step 6 – Upon passing the test, you shall be directed towards the biometric collection centre.

Step 7 – You shall receive your SCDL via post at your registered address.

Benefits of Having A Smart Card Driving License:

Here’s a list of major benefits associated with holding a Smart Card DL as opposed to the old-school diary-like DL.

Information is stored in a secure manner.

It is an updated and upgraded type of a DL, that includes the biometric information of the driver.

Traffic police can read the data with the help of a hand-held device. Otherwise, the information in the chip is unreadable and cannot be tampered with.

The SCDL prevents fake driving licenses.

SCDL is sturdier than the older format.

The smart card is easy to carry.

Eligibility Criteria for a DL:

To obtain a DL, you need to fulfil certain requirements. Here’s a list of basic pointers regarding the eligibility criteria for a DL in case of a privately owned vehicle.

If you want an SCDL for a two-wheeler with gear with an engine capacity greater than 50cc, then you must be at least 18 years of age.

In case of a non-geared two-wheeler, the minimum age limit is 16 years along with a letter of consent from the parents.

For cars, the age limit is 18 years.

Required Documents for DL:

You might be asked to submit different documents at different stages of the DL application stage.

Documents Required for DL for Indian Citizens:

Aadhaar Card – mandatory requirement (should be enough in some cases). 

Age proof – passport, birth certificate.

Address proof – utility bills, bank-related documents such as a passbook.

Application form.

Medical certificate.

Declaration of physical fitness.

Physically challenged certificate in case of disability.

Current proof of residence.

Documents required for DL for Foreign citizens/Diplomats/Refugees:

Passport copy.

VISA copy.

Medical certificate.

Learner’s license.

Smart Card Driving License Form:

A SCDL form comprises the following sections.

Visual Inspection Zone – basic details about the applicant and the vehicle.

Machine-readable Zone – detailed information regarding DL such as chip’s serial number, issuing authority, etc.

Central Motor Vehicle Rules – information related to fines, penalties, endorsement, etc. 

How to Convert Old DL to New DL:

It is better to convert your paper or plastic DL to the new SCDL as it has a lot of advantages. Here’s how you can convert the old book-based driving license to the new smart card version.

Step 1 – Visit the nearest RTO.

Step 2 – Ask for a license upgrade form or Smart Card Driving License form.

Step 3 – Fill the form and attach relevant documents.

Step 4 – Submit biometric information.

Step 5 – Payment of applicable fees.

Step 6 – Collect the receipt and use it until the arrival of the SCDL.

Step 7 – Arrival of SCDL on the registered address.

Documents Required While Transferring Driving License to Smart Card Driving License:

If you want to convert your DL into the Smart Card format, you will have to submit the following documents at the time of applying to convert DL to Smart Card at the RTO.

Current driving license.

Address proof.

Other specific documents asked by the RT official.

Fees for Smart Card Driving License:

The fees charged for SCDL are Rs. 200. Note that the Driving License Smart Card fees might vary in different states.

Does Smart DL expire?

If you have any question regarding Smart DL expiry date, then we have the answer for that too. The validity/validity of Smart Card Driving License is 20 years from the date of issue or till the license holder attains the age of 50 years (whichever is earlier).

Is a Virtual Driving License valid in India?

According to the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, digital copies of documents like RC and DL are considered valid and are at par with the original/original copies of these documents.

Is Smart Driving License Mandatory?

No, there is no such rule that smart driving license is mandatory. But if you want, you can apply for this in RTO.



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