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Here are WhatsApp Alternative Apps You Can Use - Know about them

Earlier today due to outage on WhatsApp prevented users from sending messages in both private and group chats. Users may wish to think about using another platform if outages continue to increase in frequency. Here are five apps you might use in case WhatsApp is unavailable.

Telegram :-

This chat app is especially beneficial for power users and also enables you to establish super groups with up to 100,000 members, join public channels, and send messages that self-destruct after a predetermined amount of time. Considering that Telegram uses triple-layer encryption, security is also unaffected.

Facebook Messenger :-

Facebook's own dedicated chat app has emerged as a viable substitute for WhatsApp when it is unavailable. The software is a full-fledged chat service, so it offers messages, phone calls, and video calls, among other features. Fun elements like AR effects, message effects, and selfie stickers improve the communication experience.

Signal :-

It is an non-profit organisation created the cross-platform, centralised, encrypted instant messaging service known as Signal. Many claims that it is the most secure texting software available. Its creators' dedication to privacy is evident from the fact that they developed the encryption technology used by Skype and WhatsApp.

Google Messages :-

Google Messages is definitely not the most popular option, but if you get over with spam SMSes, Messages is now smart enough to be used as a legitimate chat tool. You can now transmit stickers and photos thanks to the launch of RCS, and you also get typing indicators and read receipts on it.

iMessage :-

If you and your friends are heavily invested in the Apple environment, iMessage is a no-brainer. Being a system software, it regularly receives updates with new functionality and provides seamless syncing with any other Apple devices you might have.



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