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You can now reply to individual messages on FB Messenger

Facebook has been trying hard to improve the capabilities of its mobile apps, particularly Messenger. The company rolled out a new interface for the messaging app, introduced the ability to retract messages, and even pushed a dedicated dark mode.

Now, in a similar effort, it is adding the ability to quote individual messages in a conversation.

Quote messages for reply, just like WhatsApp

Messengers new capability is similar to WhatsApp, which has long been letting users quote and reply to a message by swiping right on it.

The feature doesn't start a new conversation but quotes your answer with the message you want to reply to, VentureBeat reported.

This brings clarity into the conversation, especially when there are more than two people talking about something or someone.

How to quote a message on Facebook Messenger

Once you have the latest version of Facebook Messenger on your device, long-pressing on any message from a sender would bring a 'reply' button.

Clicking on this icon would quote that particular message in the textbox, where you can type your answer.

Once that's done, send it and your message will go with a quoted version of the original message from the sender.

A move towards unification of Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp?

In January, Facebook confirmed it wants to unify the backend of WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram for cross-platform messaging.

This would be much easier to execute when all three platforms have nearly the same features, which we can now see coming into action.

Messenger recently got 'unsend' like Instagram and WhatsApp, while a dark mode for WhatsApp (similar to Messenger's) is also in the works.


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