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How to mark messages unread in Whatsapp andother tricks

WhatsApp is arguably the most popular social messaging apps in the world. It is easy to use. It has some really cool features - like doodle, GIFs and Stickers - among others that make interacting with friends and family a whole lot fun. Then there are features
like Delete for Everyone that save us from a deeply embarrassing situation when we accidentally end up sending wrong message to the wrong person or when we hit send to a message we don't intend to send.

Over the years, WhatsApp has introduced a host of such features that have made connecting to friends via its platform quick and easy. But, in case, you are not fully aware of the long list of features that the Facebook-owned social media firm has in store for you, we have compiled a list of some of its coolest features that you need to check out now:

Get conversation shortcuts: How many friends do you chat with frequently? 2-3 or may be you have your fantastic four? Well, if you are an Android users, you can create shortcuts to your most frequent chats on your home-screen to get a one-tap access to your friends.

How: All you need to do to create a conversation shortcut is tap and hold on the chat (group or individual) of your choice. A tab will pop up, in which you need to select the Add Conversation Shortcut option. Once you do that, the chat will appear as the person's profile photo on your smartphone's home screen.

Send WhatsApp messages with Siri or Google Assistant: Responding to a WhatsApp message can sometimes be a bit difficult, especially if you are busy cooking or cleaning. But did you know that you can respond to WhatsApp messages using the AI assitant - Google Assistant or Siri - on your smartphone.

How: All you need to do is invoke Siri or Google Assistant and ask her to send a message to a contact or a group. You can say -- "Hey Siri, Send a WhatsApp to Rica". You can then dictate the message you want to send.

Stay selectively notified of conversations: Do you rush to your phone everytime you hear a ping on WhatsApp? Well, there is a simple way to avoid all of that. You can simply assign different tones to different groups and individuals. This will help you in differentiating and hence in determining if the message can be read later.

How: Like everything else on WhatsApp, this one too is extremely simple. Just go to the Group Chat and tap on the name to bring up Group/Contact Info. Now go to Custom Notifications and select a custom message alert tone of your choice.

Star important messages: It happens to all of us that sometimes we scroll up our conversation just to find the message that we forgot. But did you know, like Gmail, you can also Star messages on WhatsApp?

How: The trick to do so is really simple. On iOS, long hold or double tap on any message and tap on the Star option. On Android, long hold on the message then click the Star icon at the top of the screen.

Pin your favourite chats: Are there some chats - group or individual - that you use more than others? If there are, there is a simple way you can ensure that they always remain on top of your WhatsApp chat window - just Pin them!

How: On iOS, swipe right and tap on the Pin option. On Android, long press the chat you want to pin and then tap on the Pin icon on the top.

Mark messages as Unread: It happens to the best of us that we forget to reply to a message after reading it. Or may be sometimes, we need a bit more time to respond to a message. Fortunately for us there exists a way you can use to unread the read messages in order to respond to them later.

How: In iOS, swipe right on any of your chats and a blue dot will appear next to them. It will disappear next time you open the message. On Android, you long-press on a chat and then select 'Mark as Unread' from the top-right menu to unread a message.

Turn your videos to GIFs: We all know that we can GIFs and videos on WhatsApp. But do you know that you can convert your video to a GIF and make fun of your friends?

How: Just tap on the paperclip attachment icon to attach video. Once the video has been uploaded, trim it to be 6 seconds or less. Then tap on the GIF icon on the upper right corner and hit Send.


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