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How to stop WhatsApp from downloading photos? Here's the way

WhatsApp packs a range of features and is already gaining new and interesting capabilities to maintain the messaging standard it is known for. One feature irritates is that WhatsApp has ability to download photos, videos automatically.

How to Disable automatic photo downloads on Whatsapp :-

Though automatic download can prevent you from choosing and downloading every single file you receive, it can also eat up a lot of space, unnecessarily.

Basically, in the age of memes and GIFs, most of the photos and clips you receive on WhatsApp are irrelevant.

Only some content is useful while the rest lies dormant on the device, eating up your precious storage space.

However, you can disable automatic downloads

In case you don't want content received on WhatsApp to be downloaded automatically, there's an option to disable the feature in the settings of the service.

The option is available for both iOS and Android users and can be used to save storage.

But do note that using this option means you will have to pick and download the files manually to access them.

Android :-

Steps to disable automatic download on Android

If you're using WhatsApp on Android, head over to the 'Settings' section of the app and tap on 'Data and storage usage'.

From there, scroll down to 'Media auto-download' and tap on 'When using mobile data'.

Here, un-check the boxes for photos, audio, and videos to disable automatic downloads.

Also, repeat the same process for 'When connected on Wi-Fi' and 'When roaming' options.

iOS :-

Disabling media download for iOS
iOS users also have to head over to Settings>Data and Storage Usage to disable automatic media download.

But, in this case, instead of connection types, file categories are listed directly.

This means all you have to do is tap on the file type, like Photos or Videos, and hit 'Never'.

After this, they won't be downloaded automatically.


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