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Five techniques used by PUBG Mobile pros

PUBG Mobile offers one of the most intense tactical experiences. Its popularity is attracting players everyday and this is increasing the competition, making it harder to win the chicken dinner.

Newcomers, especially, must be finding the Battle Royale more intimidating when facing off
against seasoned players. However, there is no cause for worry, as we bring five techniques used by PUBG Mobile pros.

Don't stand in one place while looting

Moving while looting from enemy crates might be a little difficult to master at first, but it is possible to move quickly from one side to the other while looting in the game.

If you stand at one spot and loot, you open yourself to attack from enemies.

Therefore, keep up slight sudden movements even while looting opponents to save yourself from enemy bullets.

Outside the playzone, stay close to vehicles while looting

If you are landing in faraway areas of the map, outside the playzone, it is smart to stay near vehicles while looting.

Often players get so engrossed while looting that they don't have an escape strategy planned for when the playzone starts to shrink.

Pros suggest that players loot buildings close to the streets to increase their chances of finding a vehicle spawning there.

Don't land in spots close to the flight path

Some pros like Shroud enjoy the action of landing in high action places.

However, he is also the first to suggest that players should never head to these places directly.

It is always advisable to land in locations that are a little away from the flight path, since they will see lesser action, allowing players to loot comfortably, giving them an edge in-game.

If you are not confident about your game, choose camping

Pros might like rushing into firefights, but this is only because they have better reflexes and have mastered the weapon handling to some degree.

If you are not confident about your skill in PUBG Mobile, the best way is to play a camping game.

Find a building or safe spot at the edge of the playzone and wait there till the next shrink.

In the endgame, patience is the key to victory

Pros always recommend this tip for the endgame or the final stages of the match.

Players must remain patient. When it is down to the final five or even 10, wait on the edges of the playzone and do not make any noise.

Remain patient and wait for your enemies to make a move.

Upon knowing their location, you can launch an attack.


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