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Here is how to check everything that WhatsApp knows about you

Facebook owned Whatsapp has bought new features by which users privacy is taken to be priority. Whatsapp information which has been stored can now be downloaded as new data privacy rules which come into
effect on May 25. EU’s new privacy law, known as European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), allows users to download their data and transfer it.

How users can request to download your WhatsApp data :- 

1. Open WhatsApp
2. Go to Settings
3. Tap on Account
4. Tap on Request account info
5. Tap Request report
6. Finally request sent.

WhatsApp notification alerts on your mobile with an alert as " Your account info report is ready to download."

How users can download the report :- 

1. Go to WhatsApp
2. Open Settings
3. Tap on Account
4. Request account info
5. Download report

A ZIP file will be downloaded to users phone which includes an HTML file that is easy to view, and a JSON file that could be ported to another app. Notably, this downloaded file will not open in WhatsApp and you will have to export it to any other app via email.

After opening the report you will find your information such as your phone number, previous IP connection, device type, device manufacturer, profile picture, all your contacts’ numbers, groups names that you are part of and the contacts you have blocked.


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