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How to increase the Google Chrome speed

Google Chrome is one of the fastest browsers, but at times we realize that the browser has become slow and has been simply crashing and the slowing down of the tabs. There may be several reasons behind this, and you can speed-up your browser again by following these simple steps.

1. Disable Plugins

Plugins are installed to process and load the content and they are used for particular purposes. However, some of them may not be needed but may have got installed, and there is a possibility that these may reduce the speed of Chrome. Disable these plugins to improve the speed of the browser and when needed they can be enabled again.

For disabling plugins, type about:plugins in the address bar of the browser. A new window gets opened and you can see the plugins which are installed on your computer. Now click on the disable link to the left hand side of the plugin, and if needed it can be enabled again. Don’t disable disable Shockwave and Flash plugins as several sites which have Flash based contents require them to run the content.

2. Disable Extensions

Extensions are helpful to run few extra features, but there are possibilities that several unwanted extensions get installed in the browser, and few of these get displayed as icons on the desktops on the browser’s address bar. For uninstalling these extensions right click on the icons and click on uninstall. If the extensions are not displayed as icons, you need to uninstall them from the settings panel. Click on 3 horizontal lines to the top right hand side of the browse; scroll down or More tools and click on it. Navigate to chrome://extensions/ From the tab which opens, and click uninstall/disable.

3. Clear cache and browsing data

The browser stores the storing cached data, history and URLs of sites you previously visited and the reason for this is to load the websites faster with the stored caches. However, this can affect the browser performance and slow down it. Clear the entire browsing history and deleting specific data for improving the browser speed.

4. Google Software Removal Tool

The new Google Software Removal Tool aids in removing not-so required software from Chrome. It identifies and uninstalls malware and spyware. Download the app from

5. Install Malware And Spyware Removal Apps

Install applications which can specifically for identifying and uninstalling malware and spyware, rather than anti-virus applications which are mostly ineffective when it comes to removal of malware and spyware though they are effective in deleting and detecting anti-viruses.

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