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How to fix the issue if you are Unable to Charge Android Phone?

Several of us might have faced an issue with the Android devices, when the battery of the device is unable to charge. Despite phone being operational, the battery may unable to be charged causing the issue. Generally, people suppose that there may be issue with battery or with the phone itself. However, try these tips initially to see if the issue exists.

1. Check the USB Port

Check your USB Port of the device, as it may happen that the USB port of your phone is not making a contact with the USB charger. Remove the device battery and use a toothpick to push tab inside USB port to bring it back to regular shape. Now, insert back the battery and connect the charger.

2. Check Cable

There may also be chances that your device charger has a faulty cable. Charge the smartphone with another USB cable from one of the other devices. If you are able to charge then the issue lies with the cable, and so replace it with another.

3. Clean USB Port

Dust or other particles may clog the USB port of your phone, and thus the the charger may not be able to make contact with the charging point inside port. This often happens when you are using the device in dusty or unclean environment or due to overcharging. So ensure that the USB port is clean.

4. Not sufficient power Charger

Don’t use a charger which is not compatible with smartphones, as they drain out the batteries at a faster rate than regular chargers. Always opt for original chargers and plug them into a wall socket since such chargers can charge the phone much faster.

5. Rollback or Update the apps

If you may have recently updated your apps, this might also be a reason behind the charge issue. This may be due to the fact that the old device may not be compatible with the app. Roll back the application and then check the phone if it is working.

6. Switch off the phone while charging

You may be running too many apps, which could be power-guzzling, and as a result the battery may be getting drained at faster rate. The simple trick is to switch the phone off; remove the battery and wait for 10 secs; plug the charger; insert the battery and then switch on the phone.

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