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6 Android Lollipop features to try out

Did you try out the Android Lollipop (5.0) features yet?  You must have noticed several obvious changes and features to the interface and navigation in the latest version of Android. Here are some of the beneficial features to try out.

Connect multiple Android Devices

Besides the smartphones and tablets, Android Lollipop works on smartwatches, TVs, and even cars, and you can connect the multiple android devices. You can start your activity in one device like in tablet, and it helps you in continuing the activity in other android device like smartphone from where you have stopped in tablet. You can also share the device with other Android users via Guest mode including the make phone calls, send messages or share photos. It however doesn’t let them access any of your personal information.

Extended Battery Usage

Android Lollipop has the new battery saver feature, which aids in extending the device life by 90 minutes. It lets you know the time taken for the device to be fully charged after plugged in, and the estimated time left until you need charge in the battery settings.

Notifications on Lock Screen

Sometimes it's a hassle to unlock your phone for every notification you get; now you can choose to see and respond to messages and other notifications right on your lock screen. It also lets you hide the content so you can get the new text or calendar reminder, although not what it says.

Android Smart Lock

Android Smart Lock allows your smart device unlocked for extended period of time, depending on your options you choose. It involves options like setting your phone unlocked when linked to Bluetooth devices and while using facial recognition. When you don’t use your phone for more than four plus hours, then it requires you to manually unlock it.

Tap & Go

Tap & Go app lets you move all the apps, contacts and other content from your device to another Android device, as a part of the setup process. All it requires you to do is enabling the NFC on both the devices and signing in to the Google account. You can transfer all the content within few minutes.

Google’s enhanced improvements

Android Lollipop will allow you to enable and disable the phone's functions with voice recognition. For example, you can tell your device to take a picture without clicking the shutter button. Likewise, you can operate Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and the new, built-in flashlight using voice-commands.

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