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5 Simple Steps to Recover the Corrupted PSD File

The sudden power failures or system crashes or interruption in the saving process can sometimes corrupt or damage the PSD files. But don’t panic, as here the some of the solutions for you to recover the PSD file that was crashed.

Follow these 5 quick steps to restore the damaged PSD file through the simple method Remo Repair PSD

1. The first step is to Download Remo Repair PSD and install it.
2. After the installation process is completed, launch the Remo Repair PSD. Now, click on browse for selecting the corrupted PSD file.
3.  A window gets opened with a huge button Repair. Click on Repair for the further process.
4.  When the repair process is finished, you can notice the recovered PSD/PDD file along with its layer and mask files. Click the Preview button to check if you have recovered your crashed PSD file successfully.
5.  If you can successfully retrieve back the PSD files, click save to recover the PSD file. However, you are required to purchase the full version of Remo Repair PSD for saving the file. The save button in the trial version however is disabled.

What if Remo Repair PSD doesn’t work?

1. Opt for Stellar Pheonix PSD Repair, as it is another good option and works similarly to Remo Repair PSD. However, Stellar Pheonix PSD Repair supports only Adobe Photostop CS5 and below files.

2. The temporary backup files are saved files at C:\Users\<Your Username>\AppData\Local\Temp. Check the previously saved PSD file in the folders. Learn that AppData folder is hidden, so you need to enable display of hidden files and folders to access the folder.

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