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How to check your GST bill ? Know more details here

A GST bill, also known as a GST challan, is a document designed to record details of goods and services provided by the seller to the buyer. It includes information such as names, item details, purchase date, discounts, and more. The government introduced the Goods and Services Tax System (GST) to make taxes easier.

Some people are not paying their taxes properly using GST. The government is trying to prevent fraud involving GST invoices. Sometimes, when customers upload their GST bills, they find out that they have a fake one. Now, in this situation, customers can easily find out if their GST bill is real or fake. Let us explain the entire process to you.

Here’s how to check your GST bill :-

1. Start by visiting the official GST website.

2. Then, choose the ‘Taxpayer Search’ option.

3. Next, click on ‘Search by GSTIN.’

4. Enter your GSTIN number, which you can find on your GST invoice, in the search box displayed on the screen.

5. You’ll find all the details you need on the website.

Another Way to Verify a GST Bill :-

It’s quite simple for shopkeepers or dealers to check whether a GST bill is genuine or fake.

When they issue a GST bill, they can verify its authenticity by examining the GSTIN number.

The first two digits of the GSTIN represent the state code, followed by the next 10 digits, which are the PAN number of the shopkeeper or dealer.

The 13th digit represents the unit of the PAN holder, the 14th digit is ‘Z,’ and the 15th digit is the ‘checksum digit.’

By following this format, you can easily determine whether you have a legitimate or fake GST bill.



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