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Everyone need to update your Aadhaar biometrics data every 10 years - Know more

UIDAI will encourage people to voluntarily update their biometric data every 10 years. Notably, as of now, children after the age of 5 and 15 years are required to update their biometrics for Aadhaar.
"UIDAI will encourage people to update their biometrics, demographics etc once in 10 years. Over time, it will push people to update Aadhaar. Once a person is over a certain age, say 70 years, then it will not be required," one of the officials said.

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has enrolled almost all adults in the country, barring a small percentage of people in Meghalaya, Nagaland and Ladakh, according to news agency PTI report. "Enrolment started late in Meghalaya because of the NRC (National Register of Citizens) issue. In Nagaland and Ladakh, some of the remote areas are left to be covered. Aadhaar saturation level among adult residents is now near universal and overall saturation level is 93.65 per cent. Total fresh enrolment in August was only 24.2 lakh," the official added.

It is important to note that UIDAI has more than 50,000 enrolment centres and is in the process of onboarding 1.5 lakh postmen who will initially update mobile numbers and addresses of Aadhaar holders and it is now in talks with states to bring group-oriented welfare schemes on its platform as it will help de-duplication of beneficiaries, prevent leakages of funds and save public money, as per report. The official said even the aviation ministry's DigiYatra, which aims to make journeys for travellers paperless, will be linked to Aadhaar for verification of travellers. 

According to Hindustan Times report, the proof of relationship document (preferably birth certificate) is collected at the time of enrolment for Bal Aadhaar and to differentiate the Bal Aadhaar from normal Aadhaar, it is issued in blue colour, with a remark that this is valid till the child attains the age of 5 years, the government said.



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