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Here’s how to win reward of Rs 35 cashback from WhatsApp Pay

WhatsApp is now offering users a cashback of Rs 35 with their first payment using WhatsApp’s payment service. Users can redeem this cashback reward for up to three times by sending money to three different contacts. However, in order to access WhatsApp cashback, users need to meet certain eligibility criteria and the offer
will be available to different users at a different time. Once the cashback is available to you, it will be for a limited time only.

Once the feature is available to you, you can send money to any WhatsApp contact and receive Rs 35 as cashback for successful transaction. Users can send their contacts any amount to avail the cashback. There is no minimum amount for this, and users can receive the Rs 35 cashback only three times maximum by sending money to three different contacts. it needs to be noted that users will only receive one cashback reward per each contact they choose to send money to.

There are certain eligibility criteria users need to meet. These include that the user needs to be a WhatsApp user for 30 days and have registered for payments for WhatsApp by adding your bank details. The contact you are sending money to should also be a WhatsApp user who has registered for payments on WhatsApp in India. Further, users need to be on the latest version of WhatsApp.

Send Money through Whatsapp Payment :-

To send money to your contacts, first open WhatsApp and tap More options > Payments > Send new payment.

Then, tap on the contact you want to send money to. Next, if they have registered with WhatsApp Pay, you’ll see a gift icon next to their name. If you don’t see a gift icon next to the contact’s name, you’ll have to invite them to join Payments on WhatsApp before sending them money.

Once you find the contact, enter the amount you’d like to send > tap Next > Tap Send Payment > enter your UPI PIN.

There is another way where users can open the chat for the person you’d like to send money to > tap > enter the amount you’d like to send > tap Next > tap Send Payment > enter UPI PIN.



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