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Are Passwords saved in Web, Phone Browsers Safe? - Know more

The number of accounts on various platforms for all the users are increasing by leaps and bounds as we use more and more apps and platforms online. This also means that we have to manage more passwords.
To remember these passwords and keep a track of such passwords is a rather tedious task. With so many accounts, saving passwords on Chrome, firefox and Edge is what most of the users do.

Not Safe to Store Passwords In One Location

However, what may seem like a good idea is actually a bad one. Now you are wondering why so? So, the answer to why it is a bad idea is in the fact that if all passwords are stored in one place than it comprises the security in case someone is able to hack into your account. The risk is then minimized when not all passwords are saved in one location.

What Should Be Done?

To begin with passwords should not be saved in the Google’s saved password manager. This applied especially to the Facebook, Outlook and Gmail

In order to remove the passwords, type in “Google Password Manager” and then it will redirect you to the list of all saved passwords. It shall then ask you to enter the password, post you enter the password and there is an option to delete the passwords.

It is a good practice to follow all the security rules and always enable a 2-step verification system which makes it difficult for the hacker to access the system.

Enable the recovery information option, so that you can recover your passwords, post answering set of security questions.

One can save the passwords for those accounts which do not contain personal information

Since, weak passwords are more prone to attack by hackers, it is a good practice to save strong and unique passwords.

Also it is not easy to not save passwords, but then the best we can do is to regularly change the passwords.



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