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Indian Railway Rules Every Passenger Should Know - TTE cannot check tickets after this

While traveling in the train, everyone wants his journey to be comfortable. But people are often troubled by the noise in the train, ticket checking, movement of passengers regarding the seat. Do you know that no one can disturb you without your consent? According to the rules of the Railways, even the
Ticket Examiner (TTE) of the Railway cannot check your ticket while sleeping. Let us tell you about these railway rules.

TTE cannot check tickets after 10 pm

During your journey, the Travel Ticket Examiner (TTE) comes to collect the ticket from you. Many times he wakes you up late in the night and asks you to show the ticket or ID. But, let us tell you, even TTE cannot disturb you after 10 pm. TTE is required to verify the tickets only between 6 am to 10 pm. No passenger can be disturbed after sleeping at night. This guideline is from the Railway Board.

The rule will not apply to those traveling after 10 pm

However, this rule of the Railway Board will not apply to passengers traveling after 10 pm. That is, if you are sitting in the train after 10 pm, then TTE can check your ticket and ID.

Can sleep on middle berth only after 10 pm

According to the rules of the railways, a passenger with a middle berth can sleep in his berth only from 10 pm to 6 am. That is, if a passenger wants to stop the opening of the middle berth before 10 pm, then you can stop him. At the same time, after 6 am, the berth will have to be lowered so that other passengers can sit on the lower berth. Many times the lower berth people stay awake till late night and the middle berth people have problems, so you can pick up your seat at 10 pm as per the rule.

Two stop rule

If you miss your train, TTE cannot allot your seat to any other passenger for the next two stops or for the next one hour (whichever is earlier). This means that you can catch the train from any of the next two stops. After passing three stops, the TTE reserves the right to allot the seat to the next person in the RAC list.



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