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Know Here How to Link Aadhaar to PF - Check last date

The Employees’ Provident Fund subscribers must make a note that their Aadhaar card must be linked to their Provident Fund on or before August 31 to avail certain benefits.

The Central government recently

has made announcements in regards to this. Therefore, the EPFO subscribers are required to link Universal Account Number (UAN) to their Aadhaar card.

In case, if they fail to link Aadhaar Card to Provident Fund, then the accessibility to the EPF might be restricted.

EPF subscribers may also note that they can only file the Employee-cum-Return (ECR) challans and deposit the money to the EPF account if the UAN and Aadhaar are linked.

Those employees who failed to update and link their Aadhaar card to the provident fund till the end of August might not be able to take the benefit of monthly contribution to the EPF account. Also, the employees cannot withdraw their PF funds.

The recent notification states that the Aadhaar-UAN link must be done as per Section 142 of the Code on Social Security, 2020, which came into effect on May 3, 2021.

Here are the few methods and steps to link the UAN to the Aadhaar card.

Steps to link Aadhaar with UAN Using EPFO’s Member Sewa Portal

Step 1: Go to the official website for the Member Sewa Portal and login.

Step 2: After this, go to the ‘Manage’ menu and choose the ‘KYC’ option.

Step 3: Choose the ‘Aadhaar’ from the drop-down menu and add your KYC document.

Step 4: To update the KYC document, you may either need an Aadhaar card number or your Virtual ID (VID). Once you successfully enter the details, you have to give consent to an Aadhaar-based authentication.

Step 5: Now, click on the ‘Save’ option and it will be now marked out as ‘pending KYC’.

Step 6: In the end, it goes to your employer to give their consent for the UAN to be linked to Aadhaar.

Follow these steps to link Aadhaar with UAN via OTP Verification

Step 1: Visit the official website as above.

Step 2: Hit the ‘Link UAN Aadhaar’ tab under the ‘For EPFO members’ section.

Step 3: After this, you will need to enter the UAN details, after which you will receive an OTP to your registered mobile number.

Step 4: Now, verify the details. Once done, feed your Aadhaar details and choose the Aadhaar verification mode, which can be either email or mobile-based OTP.

Step 5: Then the OTP will be sent to your Aadhaar registered phone number or email, whichever the case may be. You simply need to verify this and the linking process will be complete.



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