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Your Whatsapp will be Deleted automatically after 120 Days - If You Do Not Do This

If you are a WhatsApp user, you must be careful, or else your WhatsApp account will be deleted after 120 days if you do not follow the new rules of the instant messaging app.

You must be well aware

that the last few months have been difficult for WhatsApp. The reason for this was the new privacy policy of the messaging app. WhatsApp faced severe criticism over the new rules and regulations. In addition, a large number of users switched to other messaging apps.

After this, WhatsApp extended the deadline for its users to accept the new privacy policy. WhatsApp asked users to follow the privacy policy by May 15, 2021. Now, WhatsApp has made it clear that the new privacy policy will come into effect from May 15.

The WhatsApp users will have to accept the new privacy policy before the deadline or else they may have to face many difficulties.

If you do not accept the new terms by May 15, then the functionality of your WhatsApp account will be reduced. The official WhatsApp FAQ page states, ‘If you do not accept the policy, you will be able to receive calls and see notifications. But you will not be able to send and receive messages through WhatsApp.

WhatsApp will not delete your account immediately but will restrict your access: Users who refuse to accept the new privacy conditions will be able to use the app for up to 120 days even in that case. However, during this time the messaging application can be used in a limited way. Users who do not accept the new rules and regulations within 120 days, their WhatsApp account will be deleted.

Will be able to receive calls and notifications: WhatsApp’s official FAQ states that users will be able to receive calls and notifications for a short time, but you will not be able to read and send messages from the app.

Will not get back once the account is deleted: WhatsApp has said that if your account is deleted once, then you cannot get it back. The company says that deleting the account will be one thing that we will not be able to reverse.

Users’ messages and history will be deleted and removed from groups: WhatsApp has also clarified that if the conditions are not met, the message history of the users will be completely deleted. With this, users will be removed from all WhatsApp groups of which they are part. The company says that before May 15, users will be able to export their chat history from Android or iPhone.


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