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Aadhaar mandatory for ‘online renewal’ of Driving License

Road Transport Minister has issued a draft that any type of contactless service provided through the portal will require an Aadhar authentication. There are 16 types of contactless services provided by the portal. One of which includes renewing the
driving license. This means that if you want to renew your driving license then you would need to provide your Aadhar Card authentication.

There are other online services too. For instance, change of address and certification of registration, obtaining learner’s licence, a notice of transfer and application for transfer of ownership of the vehicle, renewal of Driving License and issue of international Driving licence. The draft said “Any individual desirous of availing various contactless services through the portal is required to undergo Aadhaar authentication. Provided that till the time Aadhaar is assigned to an individual, benefits of contactless services shall be given to such individual, subject to the production of Aadhaar enrolment ID slip.”

The ministry is asking suggestions and objections regarding the draft order, which has been proposed as per the Good Governance (Social Welfare, Innovation, Knowledge) Rules. The rules allow Aadhar authentication to encourage ease of living. Ministry official added “Those who don’t want to go for Aadhaar authentication will need to visit offices personally to avail such services,”

The aadhar verification is voluntary, but it will help in removing the fake documents and more than one driving licenses by individuals, which are a big hindrance to road safety in India. Another official said that considering that people are opting for contactless and online services which should help them make popular. The state government would also be asked to make this initiative popular among people. Because of the coronavirus, people already prefer contactless transactions and are mostly trying to use the online portals.

Obtaining Driving License without test

The government is also planning to change the process of how to obtain a driving license. The draft was issued by Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways states that in future, the government will issue a list of recognized car driving training centres. People who train through these centres would not have to give any kind of test and they will be eligible to get the driving license right away. You can click here to read more about it. There is not much information out there about how the process will work and also it is currently only a draft. So, it might be possible that it gets approved or there can also be some changes before the new way gets approved.


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