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PUBG Mobile Launches Running Challenge for Players to Contribute to COVID-19 Aid

PUBG Mobile will donate funds to fight COVID-19 based on how far players run in the game. This new in-game donation drive has been organised in partnership with humanitarian aid organisation Direct Relief. The “Running Challenge For Donation” in-game challenge
will allow individual players to participate and contribute to the worthy cause. The in-game event goes on till July 28 and all players' sprinting distance in the game will be added to the server milestone corresponding to a dollar donation by PUBG Mobile. Developed by Tencent Games, the mobile game recently got Royal Pass Season 14 which comes with new rewards and subscription plans.

PUBG Mobile took to Twitter to announce its partnership with Direct Relief to spearhead this donation drive. The company has started the server-wide running challenge with an official donation of $1 million (approximately Rs. 7.5 crore) already made by PUBG Mobile, and every players sprinting distance in-game will be added to the server milestone corresponding to a dollar donation. The milestone tracker will be increasing as players run more in-game. The exact amount of donation will be announced after the event is over.

Apart from this in-game event, Direct Relief has also created a dedicated space for all PUBG Mobile community members to donate whenever they want to. The company says that ‘all donations will directly contribute to support Direct Relief's emergency response to COVID-19 around the world.'

PUBG Mobile recently launched the Royal Pass Season 14: Spark the Flame. It brings new multi-formed gear skins and improved level rewards. It also announced collaboration with Google to help Android users enrol in Royal Pass Season 14 through a Prime subscription service that unlocks exclusive player benefits. A recent PUBG Mobile update also brought along the new Nordic-style map called Livik. The map is 2km x 2km in size, and features matches that last nearly 15 minutes. There is an exclusive new vehicle, the Monster Truck; and two exclusive weapons, the P90 SMG, and the Mk 12 marksman rifle.

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