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Farmers can now get loang without interest via PKCC

Indian Government has launched Pashu Credit Card scheme on the lines of Kisan Credit Card (KCC). Under this scheme also, farmers are given loans at very low interest rates.

This loan is being given to promote Animal Husbandry in a big way. Under Pashu Credit Card scheme,
loans are given to farmers for fish farming, poultry farming, sheep, goat, cow and buffalo rearing. The scheme has been launched by the Haryana Government for farmers of the state.

Under this scheme, no interest will be charged on loans up to Rs 1.60 lakh. The farmers are given loans under this scheme at an interest rate of 7 percent. In this, the Central Government gives subsidy of 3 percent while Haryana Government is giving rebate on the remaining 4 percent. In this way, the loan taken under this scheme will be without any interest. All the cattle rearers of Haryana can take advantage of Pashu Credit Card scheme.

Pashu Kisan Credit Card: How to get loan

Under Pashu credit card scheme, while taking a loan of up to Rs 1.60 lakh, the farmer will have to give an affidavit to the Deputy Director of Animal Husbandry and Dairy Department. Before this, the farmer will also have to get his animal insured. For this only Rs. 100 have to be paid.

Loan details

Under this scheme, the state government gives a loan of Rs. 40783 to a farmer who owns a cow. This loan will be given to farmers through credit card in six equal instalments (Rs 6,797 per instalment) every month. Similarly, a loan of up to Rs 60,249 will be given to farmers having a buffalo. This money will have to be returned to the farmer within 1 year with an interest of 4% per annum. The farmers who repay the loan on time will get extra benefit.

If a farmer takes a loan above Rs 1.60 lakh through Pashu credit card, then he will get a loan at the normal interest rate. And for this, he will have to put something on mortgage. Here too, if the farmer pays the loan amount within one year, he will get rebate on interest.

How to apply for Pashu Kisan credit card
  • To get Pashu Credit Card, go to your bank and apply for it.
  • For this, an application has to be submitted.
  • With the application, some important documents including identity card, Aadhaar card and passport size photo will have to be submitted.
  • Keep in mind that this scheme is only for the residents of Haryana.
  • After verifying the application form, your Pashu credit card will be sent within 1 month.

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