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Five PUBG Mobile-like games you can try on your smartphone

PUBG made a phenomenal impact in the mobile gaming industry. If you’re someone who loves first-person shooting or war games, there’s a stock of amazing games that you could consider for your smartphone. While some of these games feature multiplayer modes,
there are some in which you can communicate with your friends while playing. Apart from the interactive interface, these games are sometimes considered good for improving reaction time and eyesight. Therefore, here we listed the best alternatives to PUBG mobile you can consider for your smartphone.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Available for Android as well as iPhone, this app features over 100 million downloads on Google Playstore. With high definition graphics, sound and interactive gameplay, this is one of the best games published by Activision Publishing Incorporative. For android users, it requires 1.6 to 2GB of storage while for Apple devices it needs 2.1GB.

Fightnight Battle Royale

Developed by GDCompany, this game is available for Android devices and features over 1 million downloads on Google Play store. The game features decent graphics, sound and gameplay. Since it requires lesser space 140 to 150MB. Besides, it requires Android 4.1 and above versions for smooth operation.

Battle Prime Online

This game is available on Playstore as well as Apple store. Compatible with iOS and Android devices, it features high definition display, sound and gameplay. It occupies variable space for both Android as well as iOS devices. For best results, it requires Android 5.0, iOS 10.0 and above versions of operating systems.

ShadowGun Legends

Powered by Madfinger Games, this app is available on Android as well as iOS devices. With over 5 million downloads on Playstore, this game features Sci-Fi gameplay, high definition graphics and interactivity. Also, the app requires around 1 to 1.5GB for Android as well as iOS devices.

 Infinity Ops Sci-FI

Available on Google Playstore and Apple store, this game requires iOS 11.0, Android 4.4 and better versions for the best gaming experience. With high graphics, sound and interactive gameplay, this multiplayer Sci-Fi game could be a good alternative for busting your stress.

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