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Everything You Need to Know about PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode

PUBG Mobile continues to bring new features for its fans and this time there is a new addition to PlayLab. The new Arctic Mode is finally here after we first saw it in beta back in February. It seems unusual to bring such a mode considering
it is already spring season. I guess Tencent is taking inspiration from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the whole survival and stay indoors theme seriously.

The new mode is set on the icy map of Vikendi. Apart from the regular battle royale mode, there’s a new survival twist. Players need to keep a constant eye on their body temperature which will be denoted at the bottom. A timer near the map denotes the oncoming extreme cold wave. Players need to stay indoors in order to survive the cold weather and maintain their body temperature. As the body temperature drops, players will start losing health. Players need to collect branches, warm packs and heaters to stay warm. With that, players can also hunt chickens in the wild and roast them on the fire for extra warmth.

To help players survive the extreme cold weather, there is the addition of drones. Players can use these to search for items while staying indoors and protected from the cold wave. The drones can also be used to search enemies and hunt them down swiftly. These drones come with limited battery life and health, so you need to keep an eye on that as well. The new mode is also adding the ability to use skis, which was first seen during the limited period Winter Mode on Erangel. These can help players in moving around the map faster especially during the cold wave.

The Arctic Mode, as mentioned above, is available under the PlayLab section. This means that it is a separate mode and the results will not be counted under the classic mode. Tell us what you think about the new addition to PUBG Mobile and what more would you like from the game.

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