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This Govt's app track COVID-19 virus

In its bid to contain the spread of Coronavirus in India, the Modi Government is taking all kinds of steps to ensure the spread of the virus is slowed down and stopped as soon as possible with minimum loss in terms of human lives and economic hardship. Now, the Modi Government
has launched the 'Corona Kavach App' that will help the system track COVID-19 infected patients with ease. This Corona Kavach App has been designed in such a way that it will alert you about the Coronavirus infected patient in and around your locality. Corona Kavach App download can be done from the Google Play Store. Currently, this app is available in the beta version.

Features of Corona Kawach App

Modi Government has designed this app to keep you updated about the COVID-19 virus spread. It can track the data on an hourly basis. If you happen to be near any Coronavirus infected people, this app will send alert signals to your device. It will be able to do that by tracking you and match the data with corona patients and indicate your proximity to them. App users can sign on to the Corona Kawach App through the mobile phone number. Then it will start tracking you through the GPS system and keep you updated about the above-mentioned information.

This app shows coronavirus infected persons around you through colour coding. There are two colours in this app that reflect the user has never come across a COVID-19 infected patient and the other reflects that the user has come across the COVID-19 infected patient.

This Corona Kawach App has been designed to keep your privacy in mind - it ensures there is no breach in your privacy. That means your information stored in this app won't be shared with any other person.

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