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New Cable TV Rules Applicable From March 1st details are here

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has announced that there will be no delay in the implementation of NTO 2.0 and it will be launched on March 1 as planned before.

This means that your cable TV expenses will rise, and get ready to pay Rs 19 or 58% more for premium channels like Sony, Zee TV, Star Plus and more.

Meanwhile, residents of Kolkata will no longer be able to enjoy the discounts and benefits that telecom operators offered. These discounts were initially introduced to brace the users from the sudden hike in the prices of television bills. But this stops now.

TRAI All Set To Implement NTO 2.0 From March 1; No Delay Or Stay From The Bombay HC
TRAI has not budged on its decision of implementing the new tariff rules from March 1, despite the seven hearings held by the Bombay HC and the stay demanded by the television broadcasters.

The Indian Broadcasting Foundation (IBF) had approached the Bombay HC against the TRAI’s new tariff order which was issued in December 2018 and implemented in Feb 2019. The new rules issued by TRAI affected users a great deal and in an attempt to hike down the cost, TRAI announced amendments to the NTO on January 1. 

However, the TRAI has declared to the Bombay HC that the implementation of the new amendment will not be deferred.

As per the new changes, TRAI has reduced the cap on the MRP of individual channels to Rs. 12 from Rs. 19 per month. This means for premium channels such as Sony, Zee TV, Star Plus and others, some users may have to shell out upto 58% more money, since the cable operators have removed this channel from the bouquets.


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  1. It looks like government is not concentrating on punishment for murders,rapes,diseases but concentrating on where to hike the prices ...example nirbaya case hanging of rapists getting delayed..

  2. I think this govt is for only hiking the prises,taxes,and fulfilling there needs.They r not thinking of middle class people. Some politicians are spending 500 crs for marriages of their beloveds not asking them from where this money comes. If we the middleclass people kept some money as savings in bank they put all the rules regulations to us.Pls think.


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