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Know how to register, link BHIM with SBI

BHIM SBI Pay, UPI App of SBI, is a payment solution which allows account holders of all banks participating in UPI to send and receive money and do online bill payments, recharges, shopping, etc. using their smartphones. BHIM SBI Pay provides the flexibility of
making payments at your convenience 24X7 on all 365 days of the year.

With BHIM SBI Pay app, you can transfer funds to your friend/relative by knowing only their Virtual Payment Address (VPA).

The receiver of the money need not disclose their account number, IFSC code or any other such banking details. You can also do online bill payments, recharges and shopping, etc. using your smartphones.

How to install, register?
  • Go to Google Playstore/ Apple Appstore as the case be.
  • Download the latest version of BHIM SBI Pay.
  • Click on the install/open button and complete the steps for Registration.
  • Please ensure that you have linked your mobile number with your bank account.
Note that a customer needs to register with BHIM SBI Pay after downloading it and link their accounts for remitting funds using UPI.

How to generate a Virtual Payment Address (VPA)?
  • On app startup, confirmation message for SMS to be sent for registration will be displayed.
  • On clicking YES, the registration page is displayed. Provide the information asked for on the page e.g., First Name, Last Name, Email, Security Question, Security Answer, etc.
  • Set your preferred VPA or choose from the suggested VPA and Submit.

How to link the bank account to UPI for transacting?
  1. You have to select the bank of your choice (where you have your account) from the list of banks displayed.
  2. On completion of the above details, click on the “Next” button. Select the required account from the list of accounts displayed to link and Click Register.
  3. A maximum of five bank accounts can be linked to the same virtual address (VPA). You can have a single VPA or multiple VPAs as per your choice. In case of multiple accounts linked to single VPA, the default account can be changed using the “Account Management” tab in the app using the option “Set as Default Account”.

BHIM SBI Pay charges levied on the customer?

Presently, no charges are levied for BHIM SBI Pay transactions. Charges are subject to revision from time to time. Any change in this matter will be published on the bank’s website Available rewards and offers from the various merchant partners will be shown in screen after login.

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