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How to save WhatsApp Status videos, photos on Android, iOS - Here is the way

WhatsApp is not only a popular instant messaging app but it has also become a popular social media platform. After Instagram stories, even WhatsApp added a stories function known as WhatsApp Status. These statuses can be seen only for 24 hours,
and that is what makes things interesting. 

People not only share their own pictures but sometimes they even post a song or a video as their WhatsApp status. Some people want to post or share the same thing on their WhatsApp status. Unfortunately, WhatsApp does not give users an option to download these statuses. So, here’s a quick guide to how you can download WhatsApp Status photos and videos.

How to download WhatsApp Status Video or Photo on Android?

File manager :-

Ever wondered where these photos and videos save temporarily? These media files are cached in the WhatsApp folder on your smartphone. However, just like the 24-hour policy in the app, these media files also get vanished after the 24-hour period. Here’s how you can access those files.
  • Open WhatsApp and view the WhatsApp Status you want to download once
  • Now, open a File Manager app. If your phone lacks one, you can download the “Files by Google” from the Google Play Store
  • Enable the “Show hidden files” option that can be found in the Settings page of your File manager app
  • Head over to your phone’s internal storage and look for a folder named “WhatsApp”
  • Here, just go to Media > .Statuses

In this folder, you can find all the status videos and photos that you viewed in the past 24 hours. Now, just copy the image or video you want and paste it on any other folder in the internal storage.

Status Saver apps :-

On the Google Play Store, there are plenty of applications labelled Status Saver or Status Saver for WhatsApp. These applications can be downloaded and used to save any WhatsApp videos or photos. However, the downside to such applications is that they come with a ton of advertisements, which can be annoying at one point.

Screenshot and Screen Record :-

While any images seen on the WhatsApp statues can be easily captured by taking a screenshot, the struggle is all about the videos. However, a lot of Android smartphones including Xiaomi devices now come with native screen recorders. So, you can use them to record your screen and trim the video in such a way that only the status is shown. Also, if your smartphone does not come with a native screen recorder, you can always hit the Play Store for such apps.

How to download WhatsApp Status Video or Photo on iPhone?

Due to the secure nature of iOS, the operating system neither gets access to WhatsApp files nor gets apps like Status Saver. So, in order to capture any video or image, you will need to rely on the native screen recorder or screenshot tools. 

In order to take a screenshot, just press home button and power button simultaneously on iPhone 8 or older modes. In iPhone X or newer, you will need to press the volume down and power buttons simultaneously.

If you want to download videos, you can rely on the native screen recorder, which was introduced with iOS 11 back in 2017. The screen recorder can be easily accessed from the control center. However, in order to bring an option there, you will need to enable it by heading over to Settings > Control Centre > Customise Control Center and add the Screen Recorder option. 

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