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Here's how to get PRAN card after registering with NPS

National Pension Scheme (NPS) is one of the most popular pension saving/investment options in India. This pension scheme is open to all citizens of India. The NPS invests the contributions of its subscribers into several market-linked
instruments such as equities and debts and the final pension amount depends on the performance of these investments.

Any Indian citizen from the age of 18 to 60 can open an NPS account. It is administered and regulated by the Pension Fund Regulatory Authority of India (PFRDA). The NPS matures at the age of 60 but can be extended by the subscriber until the age of 70.  Partial withdrawals up to 25% of your contributions can be made after three years of account opening but for only specific purposes such as home buying, children’s education or serious illness.

It is to be noted that the PRAN or Permanent Retirement Account Number is a unique 12 digit number that identifies those individuals who have registered themselves under NPS. After allocation of PRAN, NPS subscribers have the option of receiving a physical copy of their PRAN on a PRAN card. This PRAN card serves as the unique identifier for an NPS subscriber. 

One can apply for PAN either online or offline. For offline application, one can just visit their nearest Point-of-Presence (PoP) under the NPS which is usually your bank. These PoPs are authorised to carry out a range of NPS-related activities such as accepting deposits, forwarding applications related to transfer of NPS account, partial withdrawal applications, nomination change applications etc. One can also apply for PRAN online using PAN and Aadhaar.

Documents required to apply for PRAN:

1. Filled application form
2. Photograph of the subscriber,
3. Scheme preference details,
4. KYC documents for identity proof and address proof

Once you have applied and your PRAN number is generated, you will be alerted through an e-mail and SMS on the email ID and mobile number registered with the CRA. You have the option of printing your ePRAN (Electronic PRAN) card by logging into your NPS account and selecting the “Print e-PRAN” option. While e-PRAN printing is free of cost, getting the physical PRAN card printed and delivered to your registered address is subject to applicable charges.

Know that since the PRAN is primarily issued as a unique identifier, checking PRAN card balance can be easily done by logging into your NPS account. Once logged in, you can check the balance in both the compulsory Tier 1 account and optional Tier 2 account offered under the NPS scheme.

It is worth mentioning that you can not have multiple PRANs. A subscriber can only hold one PRAN number/PRAN card because under existing rules an individual is only allowed one NPS subscription (divided into Tier 1 and Tier 2 account with the same PRAN). In case of transfer or city/state change, you can transfer your NPS account from one location to another with ease as well.

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