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Soon, one WhatsApp account can be used on multiple devices

WhatsApp is reportedly working on a multi-platform system that will allow users to access their chats, profiles, and more on more than one device with the same account. The multi-platform system will work in synchronisation with
WhatsApp’s Universal Windows Platform (UWP), which is also in the works, to offer the standard chat interface on different devices with the same account. Normally, this is achieved by logging into WhatsApp Web on PC devices, and even in browsers on mobile phones. But it requires the registered phone to be online. With a combination of UWP and multi-platform system, WhatsApp will overcome the limitation.

According to WABetaInfo, the UWP feature will allow WhatsApp to work on PC even if the associated account on the phone (Android or iOS) is not online. It is not clear whether the interface will be similar to the one seen on WhatsApp Web but the functionalities will be better. WhatsApp Web is confined to most essential features such as chatting, profiles, and Status but it does not support voice or video calls. With UWP, that might change. The multi-platform system will make use of the existing platforms such as Windows 10, Android, and iOS. However, its macOS compatibility is not known at the moment. It is also not clear whether this new platform will replace WhatsApp Web.

WhatsApp has not provided any tangible timeline for the rollout of the said functionality. This could mean that users will have to wait for quite a long time before they can use WhatsApp seamlessly with the same account on multiple devices, without having to deal with the restriction of keeping their phone connected to the Internet.

Its closest rival Telegram has standalone apps and desktop versions on different platforms that work independently. Users can sign up on one device and continue accessing the app on a different device, even if the former is unavailable. Similarly, Facebook Messenger does not require the primary device to be online for it work on other devices. WhatsApp, a part of Facebook, may work on the lines of the setup similar to that of Messenger, but nothing is concrete as of now.

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