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Now, get refund if you miss Train here are new rules

In a bid to avoid monetary loss to the passengers, the Indian railways has changed its two existing rules from April 1. This change of rule for passengers is related to missing of trains. In the changed law, passengers who have connecting tickets
can get full refund of their fare if they fail to catch their connecting train in case of late arrival of the first train causing miss of the second train. In another rule change, the passenger can have the facility to change their boarding station.

The decision was taken as a lot of passengers miss their trains due to the late arrival of first train. In this case, the new law allows the passenger to get full refund of the second ticket provided they have filled exact information about them in both the tickets. Apart from this, the first ticket's arrival point and second ticket's starting point has to be the same.

In the new law related to the change of boarding station, the passenger can have the luxury to change its boarding station before four hours of the train departure, which means a passenger can change its boarding station before the chart is being made. Once, the chart is prepared, the passenger won't be able to take advantage of this relief. This rule would be applicable for all passengers having a reservation under general quota category even if they have a 'Tatkal' ticket. 

Passengers having a counter ticket will have to inform the railway officials at the origination point of their journey while for those who have e-ticket can change the boarding station by logging in at the irctc website before the chart is prepared. Those passengers who can't adopt either of these two steps can call on 139 and put their request for change of boarding station on phone. However, this phone call too has to be put forward before four hours or the preparation of the chart. This facility to change boarding station would be free of cost for all passengers.


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