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How to send WhatsApp messages without saving the number

WhatsApp get irritated for not being able to send a message to the numbers that we have not fed in the phonebook. But there are methods to send WhatsApp
messages to unsaved contacts.

Here are some of the easiest methods for you:

WhatsApp’s links

The app has an official way for users to contact any number that is not saved on your phone. Users can begin a chat with any number through the URL – They need to replace the last part with the full number, that too with the country and region code but without the ‘+’ sign.

So for example, if you want to chat with the number +1-254-577-891, the user may go to the URL: Users may type the number in a browser. After this, users can see the web page at the below with a big green Message icon. Once they tap it, users can start a conversation with the other WhatsApp number

Use an app

In case, users find the aforementioned steps confusing, they may also take the help of an app to speed things up. A number of Android apps use these links, albeit in a non-user-facing manner, which means users will not have to type a weblink or pass by a web browser, to begin with. They may just enter the phone number, click on a button, soon after they will find the chat in a newly-created screen.

Among the apps, click to chat is the lightest with 113KB. It does not contain any advertisements and does not need any permissions to speak of. Among other good alternatives without ads are Direct Message for WhatsApp and Easy Message.

Text selection

This message might be a little unknown. This is, however, the easiest and the fastest. Whenever users have a phone number on any of the apps, they may select the corresponding text and go through advised actions. Among the main ones are Call, Cut, Copy, Paste. However, after tapping the overflow button, users will be able to see more options that include sending a WhatsApp message. Chat will start after selecting it. This method works on both Android 9 Pie and Q, however, on stock devices like Pixels and Android One only.

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