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Your name missing from voters’ list? Here’s what to do

If your name doesn't appear on your state/UT's electoral roll, you won't be able to cast your vote in the upcoming elections. This is so because, in addition to being eligible to vote and holding a valid Voter ID card, your name must appear in the voters' list.

Here's all you need to do, if your name is missing from
the list.

How to get yourself listed on Voter's list :-

Well, you need to act (fast!)

Although the Election Commission accepts new enrolment forms upto 15 days prior to the last day of filing of candidate nominations, officials suggest that eligible voters should get themselves registered as soon as possible.

"Those registered should check their names in voters list"

"The date of elections will be announced soon. If a person is still not registered, this is the last opportunity for him to enroll as a voter," said Delhi's Chief Electoral Officer.

"Those who are registered and have the Voter identity card should check their names in the voters' list either online, by calling the helpline, or messaging the Voter ID on our number."

Missing names will not be considered

"Any person holding a valid Voter ID will not be allowed to cast his vote if his name is missing from the voters' list," he concluded.

How to check your status on electoral roll
To check if your name appears on the voters' list, follow these methods:

1) SMS: Create a message, type EPIC (space) Your Voter ID number, and send to 7738299899.

2) Online: To search your name on electoral roll online, you can either log on to the NVSP portal or Delhi's Chief Electoral Officer website.

3) Call: You can also call the helpline number 1950.

How to get your name enrolled on the voters' list

Procedure: If your name doesn't appear on the Voters' list, or you happen to be a new voter, you can register yourself at the voters' center. You can also log on to the NVSP portal or the website of Chief Election Office, Delhi, and fill up Form 6.

Documents: You will need a latest passport-size photograph, an age proof, and an address proof.

Can a migrant apply for Voter ID? How?

"If a (migrant) person is above the age of 21 years and physically appears so, he can register by giving a declaration that he is over 21 years even if he doesn't have a document to prove it."

"Similarly if a person doesn't have a rent agreement or any other document to establish his place of residence, a simple self-attested post card delivered at the current address by the postal department can be submitted as address proof," according to an official.


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  1. Very useful information. Every citizen of India eligible to vote should exercise their rights for a good government. One more information I want. Persons away from their city, can they vote online.

  2. Hello can some one help me, because I have cancelled in my previous location by giving form 7 and submitted new form with required details in my new location. Still I have not got any information regarding the new registration



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