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You can play PUBG only for 6 hours per day

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG), the famous battle royale game that has sparked a wave of fan following in India, appears to be getting daily usage restrictions.

Some players of the game have reported that the title serves health reminders
and stops working after a certain period of time.

The change comes in the midst of reported deaths and addiction concerns over the game.

PUBG Mobile testing 6-hour daily limit in India :-

6-hour restriction on PUBG Mobile

Multiple PUBG players have taken to Twitter to report that the mobile version of the game issues a health reminder after 6-hour usage and then stops working.

After this, when the game is launched, it serves a message saying "You've played the game for 6 hours today," and prompts the user to come back at 5:30 am on the next day to continue playing.

Also, there's a prompt for age verification

Along with the usage restriction, first spotted by SportsKeeda, PUBG Mobile is also prompting users to confirm if they are above 18.

This indicates that the game might impose different playing limits for people of different age groups.

For instance, people below 18 may have tighter restrictions (especially due to the problem of addiction) compared to adult players.

No official announcement from Tencent

So far, Tencent, the maker of the game, has not made an official announcement in regard to the introduction of these restrictions.

However, the screenshots doing rounds on the internet clearly suggest that the company is willing to implement the capability soon.

The only question as of now is when it will happen and how the public will react.

PUBG has grown insanely popular with the youth in India

Over the last few months, PUBG has raked immense popularity in India and other parts of the world.

The user-base of the game has grown so big that people have started raising addiction alarms, calling for a countrywide ban on the game.

Notably, it has already been banned in Gujarat, owing to multiple reports of death.


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  1. Iam above 18 years of age, but still I have a health reminder or is it for 6 hours or so.

    1. Iam 18+ age my age 35 please health reminder delete

  2. Its just game so play for fun and to enjoy

    Nothing will haopha once you start game to enjoy not to be taken seriously

    Play and have fun it's good game

  3. I'm above 18 year age....

  4. It's just a 15 mins break after every 6 hrs not per day restriction

  5. who, say india want bullet train. every one is busy in pubg,


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