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Samadhan is voter-friendly to solve their grievances

The Election Commission of India has integrated use of smart technology by making the optimum use of smartphones and tablets, etc. With the use of various voter-friendly apps, web portal, which are customized as per the need of the voter, the Election Commission
aims at bringing the latest technologies to use for further improvement of the overall efficiency of various Lok Sabha election activities.

One such portal is Samadhan –the Election Commission's single integrated web portal for registering and resolving citizen Information, Suggestion, Feedback and Complaints (IFSC).

You can access the website at

The universal portal is available for Election as well as non-election period, and any citizen can also use the facility from the convenience of their mobile phone to lodge a grievance using ‘Voter Helpline’ Mobile App.

All the EROs, DEO, CEO and ECI Officials are connected into the Samadhan Portal and the complaint lodged in the Samadhan directly connects to concerned official.

There is an escalation 37 matrix configured into the system and if within a time frame the matter is not addressed by ERO, it gets escalated to the next levels.

The Election Commission (EC) has also launched various apps for citizens, candidate and political parties for effective conduct of elections.


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  1. I applied for my daughter voter ID on 7.10.2018 application no.A 1 9 1624151 i track my voter ID but reply come ur record not found.
    Name: yamini shree d/o s.pandurangan dob;14.01.1999


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