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How to change your address on Voter ID card online

The countdown has already begun for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. Election Commission now allows citizens of the country to do several tasks online, this includes changing their address on voter ID card online.

This means that if you have changed your residence or moved to a new city, then you can opt
to change the address on your Voter ID card online. This can be done by filling up the ‘Form 6’ online on the National Voter’s Service portal website– The same process can be followed for getting a voter ID card for the first time. Here is the how to apply online for registration of a new voter or get your name included in the electoral roll for the nearest constituency.

Note: Remember you can hold only have one voter ID card with one particular address in a constituency. It’s illegal and punishable offence for a citizen of India to enrol from two places.

The Form 6 can be filled online to either register as a first time voter or to change constituency

Documents required: A scanned copy of passport size photograph along with scanned copies of age and address proof

Users have to upload their passport size photo, age proof and address proof by clicking on the upload button under the Supporting documents section. One thing to keep in mind is each file size cannot be more than 2MB.

Accepted documents for age proof: Birth certificate; marksheet of 10th, 8th and 5th class; Indian passport; driver’s license and Aadhar letter issued by UIDAI

Accepted documents for current address proof: Driving license, Indian passport, ration card, income tax assessment order, rent agreement, water bill, telephone bill, bank/kisan/post office passbook, gas connection bill, electricity bill etc

​​Open ‘National Voters’ Service portal:

Head to ‘’ on your phone, PC or laptop.

​Click on first option stating ‘Apply online for registration of new voter/due to shifting from AC’

This is the Form 6 which users need to fill and submit to register themselves into the electoral list.

​Choose the desired language of Form 6 from the top-right corner

Form 6 is available in three different languages — Hindi, English and Malayalam. Users can choose the desired language they want.

​Filling up Form 6: Form 6 is divided into six parts — Mandatory particulars, Address, Optional particulars, Supporting documents and Declaration

Applicants need to enter each detail in form. Optional particulars can be skipped if you want. After the submission of the form, applicants will also receive a confirmation SMS on the given mobile number

​First fill in the necessary details such as Assembly/Parliamentary Constituency, State and District in the respective column

Applicants need to provide the details mentioned above for the current constituency.

​Choose between the option as a first-time voter or due to shifting from another constituency

Choose the option due to moving from another constituency if you have shifted from somewhere, else choose the option ‘As a first-time voter’ to apply as the new voter.

​Under the mandatory particulars section, applicants need to provide information like Name, Surname, Age, Relatives name, etc in both English and regional languages

One thing to note here is the website automatically translates the details into the regional language by pressing the ‘Tab’ key on the keyboard.

​In the next two sections, applicants need to enter their current address and permanent address details.

These details include House number, Street, Town, Pin code, etc.

​Fill in some optional details such as email ID, mobile number, etc

This section also allows the applicants to select their ‘disabilities’ (if any) from the given list.

Upload supporting documents as mentioned above

Fill in the declaration details

​Enter place and captcha, then hit the submit button from the bottom of the page

For the final submission, applicants are supposed to enter the details like Place and Captcha.

Note down the reference ID for future support and to track the status of the application 


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  1. Hi SSO8346512 &SSO8346462 not coming card for send my cord

  2. when does this change take into effect? I have to vote on 18th. Is it still possible to get the updated voterID in 3 days?


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