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Five PUBG Mobile mistakes to avoid

PUBG Mobile enjoys immense popularity on Android and iOS. It is becoming increasingly competitive as the tactically intense Battle Royale keeps drawing new gamers.

Therefore, newcomers are finding it more difficult to survive in the game, let
alone win the coveted chicken dinner.

However, by avoiding these five simple yet deadly mistakes, you can increase your chances of survival in PUBG Mobile.

Mind the height while jumping in PUBG

PUBG Mobile has forgiving physics where almost vertical slopes can be scaled in the game.

However, while jumping, if the drop is from too great a height, players end up losing a lot of health and can even die.

Therefore, it is better to avoid jumping from great heights. Instead, choose another path down, which does not involve a vertical drop from the top.

Keep an eye on the shrinking circle while playing

A lot of players get so engrossed in looting and trying to survive in the Battle Royale, that they forget about the shrinking playzone in the game.

Keep an eye on the timer at the top right corner of the screen, which tells you the time within which the playzone will shrink.

Take note of your distance from the safe zone and move accordingly.

Do not jump out of a moving vehicle

A lot of newcomers do not realize that PUBG Mobile is known for the realism it brings to the Battle Royale experience.

Therefore, if you are taking a vehicle, be sure to stop or slow down your vehicle before jumping out.

Even if enemies are shooting at you, do not hop out of a moving vehicle as it will deplete health or kill you.

Do not go prone in open areas, when fired upon

Several newcomers go prone the moment someone starts shooting at them. Perhaps they feel that going prone renders them harder to see.

However, if an opponent has spotted you, chances are they will not lose sight of you.

Going prone just reduces your mobility and makes you an easier target to shoot.

Never go prone unless you have immediate cover from the shots.

Keep healing and running if you are caught outside playzone

A lot of players wait too long to heal when caught outside the playzone.

If there is a fair amount of distance to cover, players often keep running, hoping to enter the playzone before the next shrink starts.

However, it is essential to keep healing at regular intervals.

If you do not time it correctly, you will get killed before applying the healing items.


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