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Your PAN card will tell you whether income tax notice will come or not

For the financial year 2018-19, if you have not submitted your tax proof proof, submit it till March 31. If you do not do this, your tax can be cut. At the same time, those who do not file tax returns for
the past year need to be careful too. Those who do not pay tax returns often fear that they may receive notice from the Income Tax Department. The Income Tax Department also continuously scrutinizes people who have to send a notice.

Now the difficulty is that you will know whether you will get a notice or not. Do not panic, it’s an easy way. If you have a Permanent Account Number (PAN), you can find out if the Income Tax Department will send you a notice.

PAN shows you tax profile

Your PAN shows your tax profile. The Central Government also checks your tax profile in minutes with your PAN number whether you are filing income tax returns or not. After this, the government starts investigating how much your income is and you are not doing tax evasion.

Such check notices will come or not, by visiting

Income Tax Department’s website, you can check whether the returns entered in the financial year have been processed or not. If you file a return and your return has not been processed, it means that you can send the income tax department notice. You must have a login id and password to access the website. If you do not have an ID, then you have to register yourself on the website.

Check Tax Records Record By visiting the

income tax department’s website, you can also check whether your income tax return is pending or not. According to the rule should file income tax return. If you have filed a return and the income tax department is showing this pendency in the records, then you can get an income tax notice notice. Even if not, the Income Tax Department can send you a notice. The notice is asked why you are not filing tax returns.

Find out your TDS

You can also visit the Income Tax Department’s website and view your Form 26A. This form details in detail about how much TDS has been deducted on the amount of your PAN Agent. In this way, you will be guessed how much TDS you have cut and how much tax you have to pay.


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