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TRAI new cable rules raises TV bills

As per a recent report cable TV expenses will increase by 25% for to all Cable TV consumers in India. Cable TV subscribers have revolved against TRAI’s new Cable TV rules and regulations, by airing their frustration on Twitter.

A recent Crisil report has warned Cable consumers that the average monthly expenses for a typical India household will now increase by 25%, in the coming days.

This massive increase in Cable expenses has been solely attributed
to the new Cable TV regulations imposed by TRAI, which has come into effect starting February 1st, 2019.

At the same time, the new rules and regulations will, directly and indirectly, benefit the broadcasters, and cable operators, DTH firms.

The report stated, “The network capacity fee (NCF) and channel prices announced by broadcasters and distributors as per the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI)’s new guidelines could increase the monthly bill of most subscribers of television channels,”

How Will Cable TV Expense Increase For You?

As per a broad analysis by Crisil, overall expenses for an average household will increase by 25%, monthly.

Sachin Gupta, Senior Director, Ratings at Crisil stated that in case a family paid Rs 230 to Rs 240 for accessing the top 10 Indian channels before February 1st, the new cable TV expense will increase to Rs 300.

This is a direct increase of 25%.

Profits For Broadcasters Will Increase

At the same time, revenue generated by a broadcaster from each subscriber will increase by 40%. Before February 1st, a broadcaster such as Zee or Star earned Rs 60 to Rs 70 from each of their subscribers.

This, shall increase to Rs 90 after February 1st, under the new Cable TV regulations and rules. This is an increase of 40% in revenues for the broadcasters.

As per Nitesh Jain, Director, Ratings at Crisil, OTT players such as Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Netflix will be the biggest benefactors due to this new cable TV rules.

Meanwhile, within days of implementing new Cable TV rules, social media has erupted with protests and complaints by cable TV users against the new rules.

Majority of users are complaining that the average expenses have increased, and in some cases, their respective operator has failed to upgrade them to the new plans.

Have you experienced any increase in cable TV expenses, under the new Cable TV rules? Do let me know, by commenting right here.


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  1. This Is true my monthly expances were 349 but now it has gone up to 598 per month.This is absolutely the policy of govt to give benefit to big businessman.

  2. I also agree that it benefits DTH operators and broadcasters. Subscribers will have to pay more. It is clear that new rule is not for the general customer as claimed by TRAI

  3. First penalise TRAI with hectic fine of Rs.100 Crore. TRAI is constituted for regulating the DTH service and help public with proper charges. But instead they are helping indirectly to DTH and Cable operators for hiking their prices. Like Modi Govt. it always helps Corporate companies and not the General Public. If it continues, we are going to cut all the cable and we use mobile to view channels in TV by mirror cast. I will pay only to internet.

  4. it's okay to raise the prices, but every man/home is not same means comparing there budget. Person who earns 10-20k may be okay ,but what about who earns below of that, person who earns 40-50k it's okay but what happen if he/she faces a monthly expenses 30-40k due to house loan, car loan, children school fees , parents medical fees there are so many expenses which incurred daily but what happen when he/she faces any problems might be accident or something bad happen to them. Don't do partialty we all are humans not animal where impose rules n regulation only to general people or lower class. This note is for government, don't be mean. It's okay.....before raising anything tell to all company aswell to raise ours salary aswell then its okay

  5. Absolutely. I m totally upset with this new trai rules. Rs 153 itself is a burden , why should I pay 153 for the free channels, when none of the viewers follow free channels. 153 + add one comes around 350. Earlier I watched HD channels of my choice @ rs 274. For the same channels that too in SF, I m paying Rs around Rs 350+.


  6. This is to promote free to air channel & that too by dd dth service which give free to air channel free

  7. I feel it's a biggest scam of making money. No benefits for consumers from new rules of TRAI.

  8. Yes, the monthly expenses have gone up for the same number of channels that were available earlier

  9. Very bad.why pay 153 for FTA channels. They are free on DD dish. And also DTH operators like airtel are giving plans like my plan 99 for FTA channels. I am using airtel DTH and has plan 219 in which DTH is providing all paid hindi GEC channels channels like zee TV channels, sony TV channels, Star TV channels, colors, India Today, NDTV, etc for 219 but for same no of channels I have to pay 153+57+45+45+4+4+10=318 i. e increase of 99. Trai is working for broadcasters and DTH operators not for consumers

  10. Yes We have to pay Rs. 457/- instead of Rs. 350/- Monthly for the same ... TRAI must review the policy seriously ..... day by day Mobile users get access to UNLIMITED CALLING & DATA by the competition in Mobile Operators ... But in Cable network it is increased
    There should be No CAP FEE which is Rs. 130/- + 20 for each of 25 channels


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