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Mobile Number Portability To Stop From March 31

It is easy to switch from one company to another company without having to change the number of good offers, more bills and unlimited data era. But, what if the facility closes? Telecom companies will again go to their arbitrage. Customers will have to change their numbers repeatedly. Because, mobile number portability (MNP)
may be turned off without changing the number of companies. After March 2019, you will not be able to change your telecom company without changing the number. However, this system is working well now, but it can be discontinued soon.

Why will the MNP service be closed?

According to media reports, two companies working for mobile number portability are running in MNP Interconnection Telecom Solutions and Siniver’s Technology Deficit. The companies had given this information in writing to the Telecom Department (DoT) in July last year. Companies say that after the year 2018, the reduction in porting fees by 80 per cent reduces them daily. According to sources, the companies say that the license period of these companies is ending in March 2019. In this case, it can stop its services.

Customers will have the disadvantage of closing the services of the losses to the customers. Changing service providers will not be easy due to bad call quality, billing issues and tariffs. There will be no option in the short term. However, the telecom department says that if the companies do not renew their licenses then their replacement will be found. MNP service can be continued by licensing another company.

Licenses will surrender companies

MNP Interconnection, which sees mobile number portability work in South and East India, says it will surrender its license. After surrender the license, the work will be closed. There is a tremendous loss in the sales of North and West India. TRAI’s MNP Charges have been damaged by the order of deduction. By March 2018, companies have made 37 million portability demand handles. 32 million portability requests have been handled in November 2018.

The easy
TRAI made in December has made portability rules easy in December 2018. Now, mobile number can be ported in just two days after the request is generated. So far, its period is more than a week. However, it may take time to fully upgrade the new system. New rules may apply until March. But, if the companies offering mobile portability will stop the service then it can be very difficult for the customers.

In January 2018, TRAI reduced the charge of mobile number portability from Rs 19 to 4 rupees in January, 2018. Since then companies have suffered losses due to number portability. The only source of income for these companies is the charge. After the entry in Reliance Jio’s telecom industry in 2017, there has been a four-fold increase in MNP’s request on a monthly basis.

With the closure of the companies, the closure of MNP Reliance Communications, Tata Teleservices, Aircel and Telenor India has changed its service provider through MNP. Telecom sector giants Bharti Airtel, Idea and Vodafone have found it difficult to stop their customers and make new customers. In such cases, these companies have tried to woo the tariff and get rid of attractive offers. Also the MNP process has been made quite easy, so that customers can easily switch to the service provider.


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  1. MNP is a rights to customer not to be closed very bad news


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