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Government’s ‘unique planning’, the benefit of pension will come from home

If a government official comes to your door and asks about your employment, then he will stop. Actually, all these exercises will be for the pension scheme introduced for the non-organized sector. Finance Minister Piyush Goyal
also gave the gift of pension to the workers in the budget. For the people working in the unorganized sector, a pension of Rs 3000 will be given per month. The government has launched a pension scheme named Prime Minister Shram Yogi Manadhan. The process of implementing the pension scheme for non-organized sector has been intensified.

The government making ‘unique planning’ is doing a ‘unique planning’ to implement this scheme. For this, the government will go from house to house and complete the process of registration of beneficiaries. Large network of LIC can be used for registration. The registration of beneficiaries will be done soon after the huge network. The Modi government is planning to complete the registration process of all the beneficiaries before the election.

The agent of LIC will go home-by-house and the registration

plan of the government is that the LIC agents will only register the beneficiaries who join the scheme by going from house to house. This will also help LIC increase its business. The government wants to complete the registration process before the election. Therefore, instructions have been given to speed up its speed.

The pension scheme is being implemented from February 15,

the new pension scheme of the government is being implemented from February 15. The government has issued its notification. Finance Minister Piyush Goyal had announced that under the Mega Pension Scheme, Prime Minister, Shram Yogi Mannandan will receive a minimum pension of Rs 3,000 for the people with monthly income up to Rs 15000. They have to contribute Rs. 55 per month. The government will contribute the same amount. Expected to get the benefit of 100 million employees in the unorganized sector.

Rickshaws, garbage collectors will also get

rickshaw and garbage pickers also benefit from this scheme. After 60 years of completion, 3000 rupees will be available every month. This pension scheme will start in this financial year. 500 crore rupees were allocated initially for the pension scheme. The benefit of the pension scheme will be 10 million people. The pension scheme will be started from this year.


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  1. वस आपसे एक रिक्वेस्ट है कि जो भी सही समाचार हो उसी को प्रस्तुत करें। ईमानदारी के साथ सरकार के अनुसार नही हमेशा जनता का ख्याल रखोगे तो आपका चैनल बहुत ही पसन्द किया जायेगा।


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