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Five best survival tips for PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is becoming increasingly competitive as the intensely tactical Battle Royale gains popularity on both Android and iOS platforms.

With growing competition, it is going to be harder for gamers to survive in the game and win the coveted chicken dinner in solos, duos, and squads.

Therefore we bring you five simple tips, following which, gamers can survive longer in PUBG Mobile.

Land away from the flight path, and high action areas

One of the first and most important decisions that shape your entire game is your choice of landing.

We suggest landing away from the flight path since plenty of players prefer landing quickly in areas that are near the path of the battle plane.

We also advise avoiding high action areas, in order to gain adequate loot before being forced to engage in firefights.

Play the long game, and play it silently

Your aim during the early and middle stages of the game should not be to get kills. It should be to avoid conflict and survive as long as possible.

This brings us to the next point about being silent in your gameplay.

Attempt to fit your weapons with flash hiders or suppressors, so you can engage enemies if necessary without giving your position away.

Try to fire from long range and practice your camping

If your enemies cannot see you, they cannot shoot you. This is the simple logic behind playing a sniping game.

While sniping in PUBG Mobile is tougher, it is advisable if gamers practise the art of long-distance firefights.

We also advise players to play a camping game rather than rushing, since it is difficult for enemies to know your position in the former case.

Carry plenty of health items in your backpack

It is difficult to survive if you cannot heal yourself after losing health in firefights.

Therefore, it is important to pick up bandages, med packs and health boosters like energy drinks and painkillers in-game.

We advise players to keep the health and energy bar full in the last stages of the game, as it results in faster reflexes and higher chances of survival.

Time your runs into the playzone

When the playzone is shrinking, a lot of players tend to rush to its center, trying to avoid getting caught out by the blue circle.

However, we suggest sticking to the edges of the playzone rather than the center, for longer survival.

In this way, you can shoot players entering the playzone later, and do not have to worry about being flanked by opponents.  


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