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How to Change of Address in LIC Policy

The procedure of purchasing life insurance policies has become convenient and hassle-free over the period of time. Where people had to visit the office of LIC in order to make a purchase, the same can be done online, thanks to advanced technology and the power of internet.

If you have moved to a different house, city, or country altogether,
you will still be able to reap benefits from the existing life insurance policy, however, you will be required to change the address on the policy document. In order to foster effective communication between LIC and the insured, it is important that the policy document is updated with any necessary information such as mobile number, email ID, and so on.

This, in turn, ensures that any important instruction or detail made available by LIC is not missed out by the insured. There are two ways in which the address of an individual can be changed on the policy document. It can be done either online or offline.

Online Process

  • The first step towards changing a residential address on LIC policy is creating an account on
  • The policyholder will then be required to enrol the said policy on his/her account with the accurate information.
  • Once the enrollment of the policy has been done, the policyholder will be required to take out a physical copy of the Enrollment Form and visit any LIC branch to submit the same.
  • Verification of the enrollment form by officials of LIC will then be proceeded with. This step is important as without the required verification, the policyholder will not be allowed to access policy details on the main website.
  • Once the LIC officials have conducted the necessary verification process, the policies of the insured will be successfully enrolled, post which one can access his/her policy details on the main website.
  • Log in to once the verification process is done with. Under the link for ‘Customer Services’, choose the option ‘Update Profile’.
  • Update the address section with the new address.
  • Click on ‘Submit’ once updation is done.

The Offline Process
  • As a first step, the policyholder will be required to draft a letter to LIC, which must encompass the exact policy number along with the reason for address change.
  • The policyholder will then be required to visit any LIC branch in his/her vicinity where the letter will be submitted. The policyholder will also be required to carry an identity proof, address proof, and the policy’s photocopy along with the letter.
  • Officials at LIC will then verify the proof of address and the letter will then be accepted.
  • Updation of the new address is then done by LIC officials. It is usually done instantly, however, to double-check whether the new address has been updated or not, the policyholder will have to go through the policy document.
  • The process usually takes very little time if not an instant. In case the procedure takes more time than anticipated, the policyholder gets an intimation letter from LIC.
  • Once the policyholder receives the update from LIC, he/she must cross-check by logging in to the portal.

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