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Things to know if you play PUBG

PUBG  is leading the gaming industry with over 87 million daily players and it is an acronym which stands for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Players are airdropped on an apparently abandoned island in groups of four (squad), two (duo), and single player (solo).
They then collect a host of equipment like guns, backpacks, med-kits, and grenades which they find by going to houses, and various places. 

PUBG Cheat Codes and Hacks: Things to know if you play PUBG :-
  1. PUBG has a vigilante software system which monitors the game for possible cheat codes or hacks which are being used during gameplay. Called the BattlEye, this proactive anti-cheat protection system puts a strong shield around the entire game.
  2. Once you are spotted by the BattlEye, the system corrupts your data and throws you out of the system.
  3. Your merit rating  100. If you indulge in team-killing or injuring your team members, then your rating goes down. Once your rating goes under 60, you will be unable to join squad or duo matches until you increase your rating by playing solo matches.
  4. After Radar hack cheat code ban on users, PUBG has now released an Anti-Cheat and Reporting feature in the game which can be used to report players in real time if unfair means of gameplay is used, or is suspected to use cheat codes or hacks in the game.
  5. Keeping a low profile is important. Try to be tactical and make sure you are hard to spot. Doing things like staying under ridge lines as you move through the high ground, sprinting and moving in a random manner in the open makes you a hard target to shoot at.
  6. Always move from cover to cover. Remember to keep scanning your surroundings so that you don't get ambushed. Better be safe than sorry.
  7. Always keep your microphone on the team, or off if team members are unresponsive because selecting 'all' will put you at risk of exposing your position to enemy teams listening in on you.
  8. Always try to find a suppressor for the last stages. Shooting with a suppressor will always help you retain your position. Also, superior reduce the recoil meaning you can sustain shooting for longer periods at a target.
  9. In case of enemy appears suddenly, go prone or at least crouch and then shoot. Doing this mostly means the enemy has to stop shooting so as to aim down. That's your window. Shoot them to the high heavens!
  10. Keep you kill shots high, but also the main objective is survival. Try to survive and don't try taking any shots you know you are not going to finish.
  11. Know your weapons and ammo and use them wisely. Accessorize properly with scopes and gun-specific attachments like Flash Hider, Suppressor, Compensator, etc. You can also customise your controls accordingly.

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