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Reliance Jio GigaFiber Previewoffer details

Reliance Jio GigaFiber Preview offers free 100GB Monthly data at 100 Mbps for 3 months.

Reliance Jio introduced its JioGigaFiber broadband service in India six months ago, initial registration to which started in August. The telecom operator is now offering data benefits through its JioGigaFiber Preview offer on its website, thus providing users
the option to avail high-speed data connection for three months, all that for free.

JioGigaFiber Preview offer will offer customers a free broadband connection that operates at 100Mbps and can be availed free-of-cost for the first three months. During the course of these three months, users will get to use a maximum of 100GB of monthly usage.

The preview offer comes as the only plan available for a first time Jio GigaFiber which will be valid to up to three months from the date of opting for the service. Jio will also be providing users will ‘Data Top-ups’ in case a user consumes all of their 100GB allocated data.

What’s interesting is to note that, while the speeds of additionally available data pack remain the same at 100Mbps, the extra data will also be available free of cost. We don’t yet know how many data top-ups will be available to a user up front.

While the JioGigaFiber Preview offer can be availed for free, customers will have to pay a sum of Rs 4,500 up front, as a security deposit. Jio will then install the Jio ONT device at your home or workplace, which will act as a primary device for all the GigaHub Home connections. As part of the GigaFiber connection, users will also benefit from free unlimited access to Jio Giga TV and premium access to Jio Apps and other smart solutions.

The security deposit of Rs 4,500 will be refunded to the user once they choose to opt out of the Jio GigaFiber service.

Jio Fiber project has been in development for a few years now with pilot programs running across select areas in the country. As the wide rollout of the Giga Fiber network is awaited, it’s safe to say that Jio’s entry will clearly spark competition in the broadband business and boost India’s global ranking among fixed broadband lines from 134 to higher levels. With more competition and focus on customers being the prime selling point, it’ll come down to which operator offers the best volume-speed-price combo in the future.


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  1. South Indians are denied -Jio -TV facilities though thousands are interestd to get connection.

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  4. Please early installed jiogiga fiber conection contact my number.7908707795

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