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Jio's app will help you track car location, health

Mukesh Ambani's Reliance Jio 4G affordable and forced other players to cut their prices, giving Indians access to high-speed internet.

Now, Jio plans to touch the home-broadband space, but, with that,
it's also looking at the automotive industry with an app called JioMotive.

What is JioMotive? 

JioMotive looks like a connect app built by Reliance Industries for automotive management.

It is not available for public but can be installed via Google Play Store for those looking to try it out as beta-testers.

Notably, when ready, the app would let users keep an eye on their car's movement as well as on its health, speed, mileage, fuel gauge and temperature.

There will be geofencing and navigational support

JioMotive will have geofencing capabilities, which means you'll be able to define virtual boundaries for the car and get alerts if that boundary is crossed.

Also, there will be navigational support for tracking the location of the car, analyzing trips, and finding the route to a particular destination.

This could prove handy for vehicle monitoring, especially when the car is in drivers' hands.

Plus, it will notify about driving behavior

JioMotive would also send real-time alerts about driving behavior to the car's owner.

This may include information related to idling for more than 10 minutes, rapid acceleration, over-speeding, panic-braking, high-speed turns, and even accidents and thefts.

Not to mention, users will also get an SOS button to call help in the case of a medical emergency or unexpected breakdown on the road.

JioMotive's features sound promising, but it is important to note that there is no official word on when the app might be released.

Also, it is unclear what hardware the app would use to pull such level of information from a vehicle in real-time and if it will be available for all or as an exclusive product for Jio users.

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