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New details on 2018 iPhone fast charger are here

Few online media sources had hinted that new USB-C charger that will be coming with the forthcoming Apple iPhone 2018 models.

Now, a new report suggests
that the charger that users who are not buying the 2018 iPhone models would have to wait for some more time to get their hands on the particular accessory. It has been reported that the USB-C 18W power adapter will come bundled with the upcoming 2018 iPhone models. 

It has been also mentioned that the production will be working at ‘full capacity’ for chargers that will come bundled with the 2018 iPhone models. It is worth adding that if Apple is not selling the new charger separately, third-party retailers could be exploiting this as they can use the new Lightning chip “C48B” since Apple is likely to add the tech to its MiFi program.

Apple iPhone 8, 8 Pus and Apple iPhone X support Type-C fast charging. However, all three come with a standard USB-A charger in the box. With the upcoming 2018 iPhones, the USB-C fast chargers will come bundled.

Based on the previous reports, the new charger output can either be 5V at 3A (15W) or 9V at 2A (18W). If this is true, then it will be a great improvement as compared to the present charger of Apple iPhones which come with 5W.

inputs- ndtv

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