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Change the Wi-Fi password of router - Here are simple steps

Everyone should be secure in the current Online world and their is need of changing password now and then to protect their privacy and other concerns.

Here we explain best ways to change password of
your Wi-fi password without any worries. We use WiFi on our smartphones, smart TVs and many other devices and most of them remain saved over the cloud. Get to known how to change Wi-Fi password of your router :-

Before your procedure ensure these :-

• Router brand name and model number.
• Know the URL for the configuration portal of the router (check the user manual).
• Login ID and password for the configuration portal (default username and password is ‘admin’).
• A laptop or mobile phone connected to the same Wi-Fi connection or a LAN cable to connect the router with the laptop.

How to Change Password of Router :-

1. Open the browser on your smartphone or laptop.
2. Type in the URL (for TP-Link router of the configuration portal into the address bar and press Enter.
3. Enter the router’s username and password to Log in.
4. Look for the Wireless Security option, irrespective of the router’s brand you are using.
5. After clicking on the Wireless Security option, go to the PSK Passphrase and type your password.
6. Click on Save button and reboot the router.
7. Always use an alphanumeric password.
8. Avoid using easy to guess passwords like your pets name, birth date, house number, bike/cars number, your phone number, etc.
9. Using special characters makes the password a little complex.

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