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Reliance Jio works on AI And Blockchain under Akash Ambani

As per Mint, Jio is right now hiring a strong team of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain experts, and the location can be either Bengaluru or Hyderabad.

Akash Ambani, who is the elder
son of Mukesh Ambani, is leading the charge here, as he is directly involved in the hiring process. Sources says " Reliance Jio has hired a few senior people who will build this team…the company wants to set up this team in either Bengaluru or Hyderabad…. Akash Ambani is taking keen interest in this and is expected to lead this initiative"

As per another unnamed source, Jio’s hiring activity has already started in Bengaluru and Hyderabad, and experts of machine learning, blockchain and AI are being interviewed currently.

Reports says that " The Texan outpost has grown into a significant even if small-sized nerve centre for Jio, which is making investments in technologists and projects in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain technologies."

Jio is expected to perform, once their Big Data and Machine Learning capabilities are achieved:
  • Optimize their existing network
  • Deploy resources as per the demand
  • Figure out what their users need, and present them
  • Create customized content, based on user preferences
  • Offer customized plans and content to regional users

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  1. Where do we need to apply for an opportunity

  2. thanks very useful information

  3. Thanks very useful Information

  4. I WOULD LIKE TO BE A PART OF Jio As an employee....thanks & regards Neelima Dash contact no 08848448868
    Kind help request to contact on the above mentioned for CV detail...

  5. Thanks for Useful info. I would like to be part of this task. I have been working 30+ years in IT industry out of which last 2 years in blockchain, data Analytic using AI and machine learning. My contact details +919830944010 and email:[email protected]


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