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Google Datally App now Save's Data and Daily Limits

Google Datally app lets users more ways to control data usage on their smartphones. Datally app helps Android smartphone users stay under the limits of pricey mobile data packages in developing countries, including India. 

Google is now giving Datally
an upgrade with four new features, including the ability to set daily data usage limits and a guest mode. Here are the new ways to save the data :-

1. Guest Mode–stay in control when lending your phone

Ever have a family member or friend borrow your phone, and then see they’ve used a lot more data than you expected? We love our family, but data hogging is not cool. A new feature, Guest Mode, lets you set the amount of data you’re okay to let another person use, before you hand over your phone.

2. Daily Limit–decide how much data to use everyday

It’s too easy to accidentally burn through your entire data pack. Daily Limit helps you control your own data use. You can set the maximum amount of data you want to spend per day, and get warnings when you’re about to bust through your limit. You can choose to block data for the rest of the day or keep going.

3. Unused Apps–stop your phone from leaking data

Did you know that for many people, 20 percent of mobile data is used in the background by apps they haven’t opened in over a month? Unused Apps shows you the apps that you’re not using, but that are taking up your precious data. With one tap, you can uninstall an unused app and keep your phone from leaking data.

4. Wi-Fi Map–an even easier way to find Wi-Fi

The Wi-Fi Map shows you all of the nearby Wi-Fi networks, so you can find the best quality network nearby. More Wi-Fi should help you continue surfing the net without worrying about how much it’s eating into your data plan. You can even rate that network after you connect.

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